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Jeremy Rutenberg & Associates

It began in 1989 - A small company at first, yet one dedicated to building quality homes.  Thirty-one years later that drive remains the same. We have kept pace with the changing Atlanta residential landscape, keeping pace and oftentimes leading the way in new home-building trends and initiatives.  

Foundation of Principles


  • ​Make consistent and honest representations

  • Build solid homes

  • Give full value for every dollar spent


This is how a home should be built.  Honesty, Integrity, and Trust.  These are our core values.


At JR&A we are committed to simplifying your life and maximizing space and comfort while beautifying your surroundings.Explore our houses to experience a unique blend of innovative construction materials and techniques paired with timeless design principles to create livable, low-maintenance, charming homes for today's families.


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